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Hi Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,

The yard looks great, your crew does a great job – please let them know how grateful I am for the care they give my place.

Thanks again - Sloan

Hi Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,

The yard looks great, thank you and your team for doing such fine work.

Thanks much – Sloan

Dear Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,

I appreciate your work and will tell our friends of the good job you've done for us!!  Also, may need you for future improvements.

Thank you, Rick

Dear Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,      

Thanks again for your timeliness and professionalism.  I have a good friend interested in getting his mom's lawn rejuvenated so if you are OK with me recommending you I will.

All the best – Rob

Dear Evergreen Landscape Management Inc.,              

The bark looks GREAT...Thank You!  You do a fantastic job for me and I if I need (which I will) lawn service after the move, I hope you can service me where ever I end up.  You have given me the most reliable and professional lawn service I have ever had.  I have a friend in the neighborhood who has argued that your service is not worth the cost, but at the same time they say my lawn looks incredible.  I know that you get what you pay for in life, and you have given me top notch service.  I chose to maintain a lovely and stable home for my children and me and I knew I wouldn't have to worry about the condition of my landscaping so long as you were responsible for it. 
Many Thanks, Donna

Dear Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,      

I keep forgetting to email you! I love those new trees - the red bark is gorgeous!


Hi Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,

Thanks for taking care of our new tress. We'll do more this early spring.


Hi Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,

I got your message today about spraying the yard, we'd like to have you do it.

Thanks for all your hard work, Irene

Dear Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,                             

. . . . thank you for being my yard maintenance company. You and your crew actually do the job like you were working at your own home. I seldom think of checking the yard and have long ago given up trying to find something to remind you about or tell you it has not been done.

What I am saying is, in my 68 years of living, nearly 50 years or so of dealing with companies, I can honestly say I cannot think of another transaction I have enjoyed more than dealing with your company. We started with a contract and now do business verbally or on a handshake. I leave town for months on end and come back to find the same results, the yard is always near perfection. I always tell people who ask, you could definitely look farther and longer but I doubt you could find a better yard maintenance company to do business with.
If you would like to discuss this further, ask Forrest for my phone number, he will give it to you. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely, Jim

Dear Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc.,

My planting beds are looking great.  I appreciate the work you and the guys are doing. 


Hi Evergreen Landscape Management, Inc,

Just wanted to wish you a most happy and healthy New Year and to tell you what good work you do on our lawn. The fellow that is here right now is doing a wonderful job of clean-up. So nice, at least for the time being, to have all the storm stuff cleaned up and even some sunshine peeking through. Thanks,   Irene


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